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Il Borgo e la Rocca Medioevali
The compound was built within the Parco del Valentino, General Exposition, that in the 1884 rise the city of Turin. This archaeological site is a unique opportunity to observe the typical medieval architectures belonging to the fifth-century in Piedmont and in Valle D’Aosta.
Viale Virgilio, parco del Valentino info. 011 44 31 701/02
Opening mon-sun from 9 am to 7 pm; winter timetable from 9 am to 8 pm


Fondazione Palazzo Bricherasio
Fondazione Palazzo Bricherasio was born in 1995 as a place of production and promotion of modern and contemporary art. It is labelled like a “site for art” as well as a out and out reference for big exhibitions and for debates and meetings.
Via Lagrange, 20 info. 011.5711888
Opening mon. from 14.30 am to 19.30 pm; tue-wed-fri from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm

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Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo
Torino, Guarene and Cirié represent the three sites of the Foundation. The new building in Torino was opened in 2002 in Via Modane, in a building conceived on a large scale to host big events and exhibitions, which attracts a large public. His activity is mainly devoted to the promotion of contemporary art and to young artists.
Via Modane, 16 info. 011.3797600
Opening tue-sun from 12 to 8 pm; thu from 12 am to 11 pm

Gam Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art

Gam is hosted in a modern building realised in 1952 by Carlo Bassi and Goffredo Boschetti. The Gallery, one of the most important in Italy, counts more than 40.000 ninth-century and tenth-century work of art of well-known artists such as Canova, Balla, Klee, Modigliani, Fattori, Picasso, Warhol, De Chirico.
Via Magenta, 31 info. 011 4429518 Opening tue-sun from 10 am to 7 pm

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Corso Vittorio Emanuele II  10

Torino, Italia

tel: +39 011 8395518

mob: +39 335 1486291





Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile
C. Gatti and C. Biscaretti di Ruffia had the idea of an automobile museum in 1932 and he launched it in 1960. This building, a particular example of modern architecture, presents the most original constructive solutions of Italian engineering. The collection counts prestigious works as well as historic cars. Unità d'Italia 40 info. 011-677666 Opening tue-sun from 10 am to 6.30 pm

Egyptian Museum
The Egyptian Museum is the second museum in the world after the one of Cairo. It is situated
Via Accademia delle Scienze. From 1824 have been collected 6.500 objects and more than 26.000 are stored.
Via Accademia delle Scienze, 6 info. 011/5617776 Opening mon-sat from 9.30 am to 7 pm

Museo Nazionale della Montagna
An Alpin Lookout and an observatory was built in 1874, in the local offices of the Ex Convento dei Cappuccini del Monte di Torino. Today this museum has become the most important of this area from the international point of view. The complex is organized in three sections, one devoted to the meetings, one to the archives and finally to the exhibitions. At the level of the lookout there is a observation platform from which it’s possible to look up to 400 kilometres of Alps.
Via G.Giardino,39 info 0116604104 Opening tue-sun from 9 am to 7pm

Museo Nazionale del Cinema
In 1941, Museo del Cinema partially occupies the sites of Mole Antonelliana,
While, since 2000, the museum’s set designed by Francois Confino involves the entire building, symbol of the town. This exhibition emphasizes what is known, for the richness of his collections, as one of the most important place devoted to the History of Cinema.
Via Montebello, 20 info. 011.8138.560/651 Opening tue-fri from 9am to 8pm

Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli
In 2002 the Pinacoteca was launched in the inside of the so called “Jewel Box” designed by Renzo Piano and built on the top of Lingotto. The Museum shows the collection of paintings belonged to Giovanni Agnelli and his wife Marella. The permanent exhibition boasts of 25 masterpieces of notorious artists such as Severini, Modigliani, Tiepolo, Picasso, Matisse and Manet besides paintings of Canaletto andl Canova.
Via Nizza, 230 info. 011.0062713/62008; Opening tue-fri from 10 am to 7pm

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